Products & Services

  • Firm Storage Service (FSS) FSS gives customers the firm right to inject, store and withdraw a predetermined quantity of gas. Prices are market based and assessed as a fixed-fee.
  • Park-n-Loan (PAL) PAL service provides a customer the right to store (or park) gas or the right to borrow (loan) for a specific quantity over a defined period. PAL service is generally for a term of less than one year; e.g. short-term periods from a few days to several months. Rates are market-based.
  • Load-Following/Hourly-Balancing (LFHB) Our LFHB service is a premium service characterized by hourly firm injection and withdrawal quantities. LFHB service is frequently used by gas-fired power generators and fuel managers to meet the highly variable and often unpredictable gas consumption requirements of the power generation sector. Rates are market-based.
  • Firm Transportation Service (FTS) FTS is a firm transportation service allowing customers the right to receive, transport and deliver gas from multiple points along the NorTex system. Rates are market-based.
  • Ancillary Services Our many ancillary services are offered on an interruptible basis. They include: (a) Authorized Overrun, (b) Interruptible Storage Service (ISS), (c) Meter Bounces, (d) Title Transfers, and (e) Wheeling services. Rates are market-based.
  • Tolar Hub Services Includes all Ancillary Services.

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