Arlon Eklund

Worsham – Steed Superintendent

Arlon 2017

Arlon Eklund is the facility Superintendent at Worsham-Steed, a position he has held since he joined the company in 2013.  Arlon is responsible for the day-to-day operations at Worsham-Steed providing direct supervision for all construction, maintenance and operations activity.  Prior to joining NorTex, Arlon was the Facility Manager at the Gill Rand Storage Facility, located near Fresno, California.  In this position he was responsible for the construction, start-up and initial operations of a 20 bcf, depleted reservoir gas storage field which was owned by NW Natural Gas.  Prior to joining Gill Ranch, Arlon was employed by Enstor, first at Katy Storage and Transportation in Katy, TX as an Operator and an Operations Coordinator.  Arlon transferred with Enstor to the Grama Ridge gas storage facility in Eunice, NM and the Waha Storage facility in Coyonosa, TX as the Facility Manager and was responsible for the construction of new facilities and pipelines at Grama Ridge and the leeching process at Waha.