Worsham-Steed Gas Storage

Worsham-Steed Gas Storage

Jack County, Texas

Working Gas Capacity
26.0 Bcf

Maximum Daily Withdrawal (MDWQ)
500,000 Mcf/d

Maximum Daily Injection (MDIQ)
450,000 Mcf/d

Worsham Steed Gas Storage, LLC

Worsham-Steed is a depleted oil and gas reservoir located in the Bend Conglomerate formation. Its location is near the greater Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex with its growing gas fired power generation market. This facility has a working gas storage capacity of 26 Bcf.

In 2007 NorTex constructed a 60-mile, 24″ pipeline (the “Worsham-Steed Pipeline”) capable of moving up to 450,000 Mcf/d from the Worsham-Steed Gas Storage Facility in Jack County, Texas south to the Tolar Hub in Hood County, Texas. Along its route, the Worsham-Steed pipeline interconnects with several major pipeline systems, including the ETC Old Ocean pipeline (16”), the Brazos Electric pipeline (12”), the Enbridge pipeline (12”), the Atmos Line WA pipeline (18”), the North Texas Pipeline (36″), the Atmos Line “X” pipeline (36″) and the Energy Transfer Cleburne Extension (36″).

Worsham-Steed SOC as filed with FERC

Worsham-Steed SOC as filed with The Texas Railroad Commission

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