Tolar Hub

Tolar Hub

Hood County, Texas

Worsham-Steed Design Capacity
450,000 mcf/d

Interconnect Capacity
>2,300,000 mcf/d

Tolar Hub

Tolar Hub, connects the Worsham-Steed Gas Storage via a 60-mile, 24″ pipeline to five pipelines serving the greater Dallas-Fort Worth market. The Tolar Hub is a listed exchange point for natural gas trading on the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). See products & services.

Tolar Hub Agreement (Intrastate)

Tolar Hub Agreement (FERC Sec 311)

Customer Nominations

Worsham-Steed SOC as filed with FERC

Worsham-Steed SOC as filed with the Texas Railroad Commission

IntercontinentalExchange website

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