Hill-Lake Gas Storage

Hill-Lake Gas Storage

Eastland County, Texas

Working Gas Capacity
10 Bcf

Maximum Daily Withdrawal (MDWQ)
350,000 Mcf/d

Maximum Daily Injection (MDIQ)
350,000 Mcf/d

Hill-Lake Gas Storage, LLC

Hill-Lake is located in Eastland County, Texas. Hill-Lake, a 10 Bcf storage field is strategically located for gas storage along the entire West Texas to Dallas/Ft.Worth to Carthage energy corridor. Hill-Lake offers storage, peaking and load-following services, parking, loaning and balancing services along this important gas transportation link. Hill-Lake is directly connected to the Atmos Line-X (36”) and North Texas Pipeline (36”).

Hill-Lake SOC as filed with FERC

Hill-Lake SOC as filed with The Texas Railroad Commission

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